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Confessions of a Jackboy by Nicholas Lock

Confessions of a Jackboy by Nicholas Lock


Corrigan is pressing FACE to rob his main man Ross. But Face is too loyal to his bro to violate him like that. Face’s refusal causes a rift between himand Corrigan, and things are about to get active.
Face makes a move that frees OX Vout of the county jail. A beef between Face and the most ruthless cartel known to man -- the Sinaloa Cartel -- arises, forcing Face's hand. But things aren't bleak, by no means. Face is still winning.
While beefing with the Sinaloa Cartel, another situation emerges that requires Face’s immediate attention. With enemies closing in from all sides and even some friends gunning for him, Face has no choice but to opt for what he knows. When it’s all said and done and the smoke clears, he realizes that there is really no honor amongst thieves. These are THE CONFESSIONS OF A JACKBOY.

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