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Crime Boss 2 by Playa Ray

Crime Boss 2 by Playa Ray


It’s been eighteen years since the demise of the notorious Assistant District Attorney, Tyrone Davis, who’d left behind a legacy and an impeccable winning streak that is still talked about. He’d also left behind a daughter, who’d always wanted nothing more than to be a great prosecutor like her father.
Now, while Assistant District Attorney Ebony Davis strives to be as great as the man who’d procreated her, she receives a call from someone from her father’s past that completely changes her life. Subsequently, she finds out that her father had never lost a trial, because he was a bigger criminal than the ones he’d prosecuted in court. Plus, the caller offers her closure for the death of her mother, being that her murderer had never been found. But, first, he has a request that ends up putting her in between a rock and a hard place, which is only the beginning, as she finds herself inadvertently following in her father’s footsteps. That leads Ebony down a dark path of secrets, lies, and betrayal. Plus, as far as she knows, the stranger from her father’s past could very well be her mother’s killer. And, who is Anthony Hudson?

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