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Crime Pays by Self Made Tay

Crime Pays by Self Made Tay


In a world full of hustlers, from scammers and dopeboys to stick-up kids and cold-hearted murderers, everyone is out to get a bag. Law enforcement looks to bend a few rules in order to take down the men that they so desperately want behind bars. The only question to ask in a game where no rules apply is who will come out on top. Is it the underdog who’s been counted out his whole life like BM? Is it E, the loyal friend who placed his heart into the wrong lifestyle? Or is it Keem, the hustler who would do anything in order to get to the top?
There are street codes but little loyalty. Things are seldom as they appear. When the one goal is to win at all cost, and the prevalent thought is that CRIME PAYS, will love and honor fit into the equation? Can BM prevail against all odds? Will E's loyalty result in bloodshed? Is Keem headed to the top or to the grave?
There’s a cycle of criminal-minded men clawing their way to the top, one sullied step at a time. One errant step could be the difference in life or death, love and hate, victory or defeat. In the midst of this madness the heart will ache.

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