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Dirty DNA 2 by Blaque

Dirty DNA 2 by Blaque


Washington, D.C. has never seen rage like that of ShaniQua "NiQue" Watkins. After taking out her entire family she has decided to settle in on being a mother to her newborn daughter, YaSheema Nicole, and soon-to-be wife to her rapper fiancé , Ronald "Dread" Evans.

Just when she thought her life was headed in the right direction, the demon Pajay who lives within her resurfaces to wreak havoc on the remaining family members of the Clayton-Reynolds clan.

NiQue tries desperately to suppress the darkness from taking hold of not only her last surviving sibling, Neko Reynolds, and his girlfriend Pinky York but any and everyone who won't cooperate.

NiQue battles with her own past while trying to survive long enough to have a future worth living for. Will she be able to tame the beast that lies in the darkest part of her soul? Or will Pajay reign supreme and demolish the rest of the surviving members of the notorious Reynolds-Clayton family once and for all?

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