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Duffle Bag Cartel 6 by Ghost

Duffle Bag Cartel 6 by Ghost


PHOENIX has never felt more betrayed than when he finds out that the woman he holds closest to his cold heart is on a mission to destroy everything he's worked so hard to build with his cartel. If that isn't enough, a few of the savages he allowed to eat off of his plate are plotting to dethrone him from atop of the DUFFEL BAG CARTEL. But Phoenix is accustomed to murdering and embarrassing the snakes and cutthroats of Memphis and he vows to crush all of his opps with no mercy.

Will the trigger-happy drug lord continue to reign supreme and stand ten toes down in the trenches? Or will he be obliterated and a new king crowned?

Meanwhile, NATALIA is on a murder mission for the sole possession of TAURUS, but JAHLIYAH refuses to fold. In the name of love, both women do the unthinkable. Deadly enemies emerge from Taurus' past vowing to wipe out his entire bloodline. Will Taurus overcome the imminent onslaught? Or will the last chapter of his legacy finally be written?

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