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Fifty Shades of Snow by Roy Milligan

Fifty Shades of Snow by Roy Milligan


When Steve found the love of his life Angelia in bed with a flashy street thug loaded with cash, he knew his meager factory wages and part-time drug dealing weren’t going to cut it.

Steve was a celebrity football star in high school, but now 10 years later, he’s barely making ends meet by slinging a couple of ounces of cocaine here and there on the side. Now, things are getting worse. Angelina’s got a thing for street dudes with bling, and Steve’s got no bling.

Despite being enraged by Angelia’s adultery, Steve decides to keep her around and find a quick way to improve their financial situation to keep Angelia faithful. He knows life as a part-time drug dealer isn’t going to stack cash, but a trip to San Antonia, Texas to meet with the head of a notorious Mexican cartel might just be the ticket into the dangerous and lucrative street life that he’s been looking for.

50 Shades of Snow is a gritty and realistic Urban Fiction crime drama from acclaimed African American author A. Roy Milligan. Can Steve make the moves that he needs to make to save his relationship and elevate himself from barely paying the bills to straight-up street hustler?

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