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For The Love Of A Boss by C.D. Blue

For The Love Of A Boss by C.D. Blue


Once TAJ realizes that his emotions have overridden his common sense, his thirst for respect and loyalty increases. Taj is determined to get it from the streets, by any means necessary. But has he forgotten how unforgiving the game is? Will the sweet lull of success overpower the treacherous whispers of his enemies?

Recovering from the lies and disloyalty of her friends, KALISSA is ready to make her dreams a reality. As NIGEL maneuvers his way closer to her heart, Kalissa has to determine if he is the man she needs or if it’s just a front to gain her trust. When a stranger comes to town with the primary goal of unearthing Kalissa’s best kept secret, how far will Kalissa go to keep her family and her secret safe?

As lines are crossed, unlikely alliances are formed and those involved must choose one side or the other. And when double tragedies hit close to home, Kalissa has to choose between trauma and tears or the truth.

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