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For the Love of Blood 2

For the Love of Blood 2


Loyalty is said to be a must, especially FOR THE LOVE OF BLOOD. But when souls are taken, the code of the streets will be compromised. SANTANA has a fair chance to regain his freedom, but will he throw it all away for those closest to him?

Meanwhile, after a late night meeting with CARLOS, SIMFANY'S mind is clear in regards to the death of BRYAN "BIRD" PARKS. After securing the backing and protection of Baltimore's biggest plug, Simfany is no longer living in fear of Carlos.
But can anyone protect her from the strong wrath of a man who's intent on finding and killing her?

With a false sense of security, Simfany makes another attempt to start anew. Little does she know, the move she makes to escape the memory of almost being killed puts her in the belly of the beast, leaving her even more susceptible to being murdered than ever before.

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