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For the love of Blood 3 by Jamrl Mitchell

For the love of Blood 3 by Jamrl Mitchell


On the run for a murder he didn't commit, SANTANA is forced to flee Baltimore and embark on yet another journey of survival, leading him directly to the trenches of Charleston, West Virginia.

With no other options available, Santana is placed in the care of one of SIMFANY’s most beloved childhood friends, KAT TORRES. Santana tries to adapt to the normalcy of being a teenager, but between the demons that haunt him and the company he keeps, Santana is pulled deeper and deeper into the game he vowed to stay away from.

Meanwhile, Simfany's guilt from past secrets and unfinished business sets her out on her own path of destruction and revenge. With no one to trust but each other, and death the only thing promised, FOR THE LOVE OF BLOOD must keep them alive. Or will their bulletproof approach to life lead them closer to their caskets?

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