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For The Love Of Blood 4 by Jamel Mitchell

For The Love Of Blood 4 by Jamel Mitchell


Santana didn't anticipate the dangers that came with living in the city of Charleston, West Virginia until his life was threatened and he was forced to react, claiming yet another soul for his body count. With the death of Breeze still looming, Santana and his friends become the most sought out men in the hood, thanks to BIG Torrey, the city's biggest plug.

With thousands of dollars on their heads, the trio of Santana, Zach and Haseem become one to survive the trenches. Bullets fly and once trusted tongues lie as greed begins to outweigh loyalty, but this clique's bond cannot be broken. Or can it? Many will try to collect the blood money but at what cost to themselves?

When the reaper hits home and claims the life of those closest to Santana's heart, the game goes from bad to worst and the anty gets upped. Now everything is done FOR THE LOVE OF BLOOD and it's was time to play 4 keeps!

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