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Gorillaz in the Trenches 3 by Saynomore

Gorillaz in the Trenches 3 by Saynomore


The rules of loyalty have been broken, and the decisions PILLZ make starts a chain of events, leaving more people dead in the streets than he could ever imagine. Now there's heavy weight on his shoulders.

Powerful figures still want answers about OMAR’s murder, as a gang war takes place in Amityville, New York, between homies of the same set. As Pillz finds himself trying to clean up the mess he started, MONAY comes out of the shadows to confront these powerful figures.

Monay lets them know that anybody can be killed. Anybody! Now that the one she opened her heart up to has shown his true colors, will Monay allow her love to overrule what has to be done? When the smoke clears will THE GORILLAZ IN THE TRENCHES be wiped out?

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