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Gorillaz in the Trenches 2 by Saynomore

Gorillaz in the Trenches 2 by Saynomore


After serving five years in prison A-DOG returns to the streets of Amityville, New York with a vengeance. Determined to get what he feels he's owed, this ruthless, hungry savage embarks on a journey that has no boundaries.

When there are no rules, the streets become a jungle where only the strongest can survive. A-Dog encounters PILLZ and MONAY, who are just as beastly as himself. Will A-Dog bow down to these GORILLAZ IN THE TRENCHES?

Meanwhile, greed and disloyalty has destroyed many amongst them, and conflicting agendas threaten to destroy even more. Whatever crew can keep their soldiers in line just might be the victor. But in the game, when these hardened criminals play, perhaps everyone will lose.

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