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Grimey Ways 2 by Ray Vinci

Grimey Ways 2 by Ray Vinci


CORREY and QUICK have revenge on their minds, but with the odds stacked against them, they must put together a plan to outsmart KILO and his squad of killas. With a solid connect and a team of hustlas, gangstas and savages, Correy quickly puts his mark on the streets. When his plans come together and he finds himself in a win-win situation, the game god turn against him.

With Correy gunning for his head and a detective itching to put him and his squad in prison, Kilo must move with caution. Kilo finally plugs in with the right people, putting the squad on a whole 'notha level. BABYGURL, knowing the game could go wrong at any minute, starts to put together her team of savages. The squad is on top of the game until Babygurl finds herself in a jam.

Will the GRIMEY WAYS of the streets tear the squad apart? Or will they take over the streets and overcome adversity that the game throws their way?

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