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Grimey Ways by Ray Vinci

Grimey Ways by Ray Vinci


After serving a short bid in prison, KILO, the head of a savage robbing crew, returns to the streets with money on his mind. BABYGURL, who is Kilo's ride-or-die, and the others have a sweet lick lined up that is supposed to set Kilo straight as soon as he touch down, but the lick goes bad and there's hell to pay.

Meanwhile, COREY, a certified gangsta who hails from the mean streets of Chicago, Illinois aka Chiraq, has moved to San Antonio, Texas with intentions of taking over the city's drug trade. But Corey must first build a solid squad and then find himself a plug.

With Kilo looking for a new hustle and Corey looking for a stomp-down team to get down with him, fate brings the two ambitious hustlers together and ghetto history is about to be made. All goes well until the GRIMEY WAYZ of the streets finds a way into the fold. When that happens, the game goes from sugar to sh*t! Will Kilo and Corey remain loyal to the hustle? Or will the one person that Kilo loves the most ignite a war between them that will spare no one?

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