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Here Today Gone Tomorrow 2 by Fly Rock

Here Today Gone Tomorrow 2 by Fly Rock


WIZZ is only a breath away from death, but he's fighting hard for his life while the unthinkable remains in the shadows. As he tries to recover, his mind is focused on two things, maintaining his riches and finding his brother BO-T. And when he does…

Bo-T ain’t never had it easy and against all odds, he’s always come out a winner. However, his circumstances are different this time and now even he has to question whether or not he can overcome his obstacles. With each decision threatening to seal his fate, Bo-T knows that it's HERE TODAY, GONE TOMORROW. But the same can be said for Wizz.

Meanwhile a higher power guides their separated paths. Is it God? Or the Devil? The streets or a straighter path? While blood makes them kin, are they family or foes?

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