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Here Today Gone Tomorrow by Fly Rock

Here Today Gone Tomorrow by Fly Rock


WIZZ and BO-T build a friendship while both are serving lengthy prison sentences. Their friendship evolves into a brotherhood when they become bonded by a deadly life-changing event that leads to their unexpected freedom. They're both lucky to be free, but more importantly, Wizz and Bo-T are lucky to be alive.

Now that the two men are free, they have one goal, which is to get rich or die trying! But their every move is being traced. How long can this ruthless duo outlast the type of street justice that they dish out to others?

Going back to prison is NOT an option. Will Wizz be able to rein in his best friend? Or is it Bo-T who must be the voice of reason? Perhaps neither man will show the ability to curb their appetite for violence on their treacherous road to riches. In a perfect world, nothing goes wrong. But in the real world, Wizz and Bo-T should know that they can be HERE TODAY AND GONE TOMORROW.

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