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hood Consigliere by Keese

hood Consigliere by Keese


SUNAMI is back in town with a new set of wolves riding shotgun. With stone-cold killers on his team, there is no limit to the money the team is set to make. Having riches, fame and the biggest drug connection in North America, life seems to be a bed of roses for the WOLFPACK CARTEL. But that is about to change.

Sunami will have to master the art of deception in order to obtain the information he needs to secure his place as the drug kingpin in the U.S. and to save the lives of his family and friends. Promises will be broken and betrayal will run rampant in a game where the line that separates love and hate is blurred.

Will Sunami be able to complete his task if it means betraying HYPNOTIC, the woman he loves? Who will survive this invisible threat to their lives? Most importantly, who are the enemies of the HOOD CONSIGLIERE?

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