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If You Cross Me Once 3 by Anthony Fields

If You Cross Me Once 3 by Anthony Fields


Greg Gamble believes that he is the J. Edger Hoover of his day. He has amassed a treasure trove of secrets on all the people in power in D.C. He will stop at nothing to use those secrets to get what he needs and wants. What Greg Gamble wants is to keep Michael Carter behind bars and put Sean Branch, David Battle, Quran Bashir, and his brother Jihad in cells next to him while destroying Zinfandel Carter in the process.
Zinfandel ‘Zin’ Carter loves two men, and that’s her father, Michael Carter and her man, Quran Bashir. After learning that both men played a part in her mother’s death, Zin sets events in motion that will bring both men to their knees.
Quran Bashir is more than a hired killer. He’s a brother to Jihad, a son of Ameen Bashir, and the closest friend to the notorious killer named Sean Branch. His love for Zin Carter fuels him to change his life, but the streets won’t let him chill. Quran wants to be with Zin and leave the street life alone, but will that ever happen… Only time will tell.
Sean Branch continues to settle old scores and right all the wrongs perpetrated against him in the past. He’s ruthless, vicious, unforgiving, and cunning. He loves Bolivia Santos, his daughter, Shontay, and Quran more than himself and will do anything he can to protect them. Sean is under pressure to tell Quran everything he knows but shouldn’t be told because if certain secrets become known, everybody’s lives will change forever…

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