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If You Cross Me Once 4 by Anthony Fields

If You Cross Me Once 4 by Anthony Fields


Zinfandel Carter has discovered that she’s about to become a mother. She’s pregnant by the man that she once wanted dead. But certain people have now let the truth be told and Zin knows that Quran had nothing to do with her mother’s death. She knows that her mother’s prediction was wrong and that Patricia Mitchell-Carter’s killers weren’t Dontay Samuels and Quran, but in fact, the killer was her own father.

Michael Carter is destined for freedom and all that awaits him in the free world. Quran Bashir wants to settle down with Zin and be a father to his child, but his ties to Sean, Mike, Jihad and David Battle come with consequences that are about to change his life forever.

Susan Rosenthal has the connections to secure her protection from the scandal that’s about to endure U.S. Attorney Greg Gamble. But that doesn’t stop her ambition. Susan wants the top office in the building and will sacrifice any and every one to get it. Greg Gamble knows that his days as the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia are numbered. In his acceptance of that, he vows to put his own people in a position of power and to ruin all of his enemies, including Susan.

Meanwhile, Sean Branch is still hunting people that he wants to kill, but understands that he’s being hunted as well. Who will be the first to get who remains to be seen. A correctional officer named Tomasina has entered the field of play with ulterior motives of her own. Read If You Cross Me Once 4 to find out how things unfold…

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