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Imma Die Bout Mine 2 by Aryanna

Imma Die Bout Mine 2 by Aryanna


Family over everything is the motto that was agreed upon, but soon David, Tesha, and Tynesha are gonna learn that family can posses the deadliest of secrets. As the war rages around them another one begins right under their nose and it will turn their worlds upside down.
Can they outrun and outgun their enemies? That remains to be seen, but one thing for sure is that blood will have to be shed in order to find out who is the bigger animal in this jungle. It's hard to kill someone when you're sleeping with one eye open, and even harder to kill someone when you're flying blind.
What depths will David go to in order to find the truth? Is Tesha as loyal as she appears? What, if anything, is Tynesha hiding? Who will really stand on the saying IMMA DIE BOUT MINE?

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