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Imma Die Bout Mine 3 by Aryanna

Imma Die Bout Mine 3 by Aryanna


The war rages and blood rains as DAVID fights for the family beside him and the ones he's trying to keep safe. The blind fury that fuels his rage is contagious, and it has infected everyone involved with this game of survival of the fittest. Killer's will do what they do best when their backs are against the wall, but sometimes, in the name of calculation, mistakes are made that have dire consequences.
In this jungle only the top dog survives to enjoy the spoils of war. Which means either you're the Apex Predator, or you're simply the meat in between its teeth. This family is about to find out what they are truly made of, but it's a lesson that gives for generations to come. And the gift is a curse.
IMMA DIE BOUT MINE is about to become much more than a saying.

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