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Imma Die Bout Mine 4 by Aryanna

Imma Die Bout Mine 4 by Aryanna


The darkest places in the world are the shadows inside of us all, and revenge is nothing more than a black light. Nobody forgets who broke their heart, who fu#ked them over or who took what they loved the most. Because the pain becomes your life force. Cannibalism is about survival, so who eats who first is the main question.

Will David and Shaomi find their happily ever after? Can Roland and Tynesha make it work? Are Royal and Tesha meant to be? Or will the devil's humor bring them all to their knees by demanding a price for the life they chose?

What seemed like the end for this dysfunctional family was really a reset and now the fight to live begins on a different level. IMMA DIE BOUT MINE 4 will show you what hearts are made of and what fighting in the dark looks like. If you really wanna see.

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