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Imma Die Bout Mine by Aryanna

Imma Die Bout Mine by Aryanna


Whoever said love was pain knew how difficult relationships are, but they left out the part about love being savage. It can make you and destroy you in the same breath. So, beware!
For David Bishop love has been illusive since he lost his first love, and then unexpected circumstances bring him that feeling from a different woman. The price isn't cheap though, and loyalty ain't an option, it's a demand that comes with a death threat.
David will learn his limitations, and discover if he has what it takes to push beyond them. To live or die with love is the question. He vows: IMMA DIE BOUT MINE. When foolish men test that vow, they will pay the ultimate price. But what price will David pay for the life that he holds dear to his heart?

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