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Jack Boys vs Dope Boys 2 by Romell Tukes

Jack Boys vs Dope Boys 2 by Romell Tukes


KNIGHT and his brothers have already made a stamp in the Bronx by robbing and killing kingpins and up-and-coming hustlers. Now the crew will be faced with a new challenge. When a Cuban drug lord tries to take control of the Bronx and other areas that belong to Knight, who will come out alive?

UNCLE PIMP and FATS both have it out for Knight, and they will do whatever it takes to snatch the life out of his body. But Knight is no easy target. His clap back is notoriously quick and lethal.

Meanwhile, JULIE becomes close with a person from Knight's clique, but when secrets spill out, she will have a difficult choice to make. Her decision could strongly influence the outcome of the JACK BOYS vs DOPE BOYS feud that is permeating the streets. With so many vultures occupying the same space, the level of treachery is at an all-time high.

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