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Jack Boys vs Dope Boys 3 by Romell Tukes

Jack Boys vs Dope Boys 3 by Romell Tukes


KNIGHT and his murderous clique are faced with a ton of new challenges from all angles. After years of controlling the Bronx streets, Knight is still battling old demons. With a new connect, he plans to take his city to a whole new level but how will he be able to do that when the ones closest to him are either getting murdered or they are backstabbing him?

D FATAL BRIM and his wife, MARIE, are out for what belongs to Knight but will their plan be solid or will it backfire? Meanwhile, WOLF is in Yonkers dealing with betrayal by his own auntie who is doing any and everything to destroy him.

It's not only JACK BOYS vs DOPE BOYS when the Cubans force their way into Knight’s circle. Who will bend or fold when the pressure gets real? Will friends remain solid or will they fold? Knight just might be surprised at all the snakes hissing at him, most of them in his own circle.

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