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Jack Boys vs Dope Boys by Romell Tukes

Jack Boys vs Dope Boys by Romell Tukes


KNIGHT, the Bronx Bomber, can't let go of the streets, especially after he hears about new guys trying to lock down the city with the help of some of his old enemies. This is an affront to Knight's legacy that he refuses to stand for. So, what's his next move?

While serving a long prison bid, DON is surprised to learn that his little brother, 50, their uncle, FATS, are in New York devising plans to take over the Bronx. Neither has a clue of what awaits them. LITTLE K and his crew refuse to bow down, while BREE holds down her section in Brooklyn until Fats sends his goons to take over. But Fats is about to face a deadlier resistance than he could've ever imagined.

Many lines will be crossed as the battle for supremacy spirals out of control. When it's JACK BOYS vs DOPE BOYS, there are no rules to the game. The sole mission is to live to see another day, while making sure the opposition does not.

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