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Killa Kounty 2 by Khufu

Killa Kounty 2 by Khufu


With everything crumbling around him, who can BABY G trust? No one, it appears. Shot twice in the chest by his brother and once in the head by his own sister, Baby G's supposed-allies have become his worst enemies. Can he overcome this familial dissent? Or is this a challenge to great for Baby G to conquer?

A predictable but life-changing situation, threatens to take Baby G off the streets and away from the one person he still holds dear to his heart. When the worst of the worst things happen, Baby G must face his fate without blinking. Will his gangsta remain intact? Or will it wilt under extreme pressure?

KHAFRE, the son of Baby G, must carry his legendary father's mantel. Is Khafre really as deadly as his pops? Will his gun get active when the opps come out? Or is his gangsterism a facade? Everything will get tested and the streets will runneth over with blood. Only the most astute killaz will live to tell the story of KILLA KOUNTY. And their words will be authenticated by the number of bodies that's been left in their tracks

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