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Killa Kounty 3 by Khufu

Killa Kounty 3 by Khufu


After doing a five year bid in Indian Rivers’ gladiator camp for assault weapon charges, KHAFRE is released back to the infamous streets of Killa Kounty. As soon as he's back in this familiar setting, a relative offers Khafre the opportunity to become a kontract killa. What will Khafre do?

The offer is tempting, but knowing his family's history, Khafre is skeptical about accepting the offer. Is the proposition genuine? Or is there an ulterior motive? The wrong decision could determine the fate of many.

Forced to face the same demons that haunted him before going to prison, Khafre is prepared to kill or die for the reputation he's built by way of bloodshed. He will soon realize that the dirt done in the streets won't vanish. Will Khafre survive the chaos he's created? Or will he become a victim of it in the city where death is celebrated more than life?

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