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Killa Kounty 4 by Khufu

Killa Kounty 4 by Khufu


Summer time is supposed to be an enjoyment of festivities, but in the city of Fort Pierce it’s the season that brings the hittaz out. KHAFREE knows this better than anyone, so how does he get caught lacking?

In the midst of rivalry with his cousins, Khafre receives some news that should motivate him to lay down his guns and walk the straight and narrow. But there’s a way life should be and there’s a way life is! What transpires is the stuff of street lore.

Will Khafree catch an indictment? Or will he follow in his father’s footsteps and be brutally gunned down in the city of no pity? While facing adversity, Khafre runs into an old friend he did a state bid with and a woman who reminds him of NILYA. Will Khafre open up that door of trust again? Or will he remain guarded in a city where summers are hot but they can quickly turn kold in KILLA KOUNTY.

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