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Killa Kounty by Khufu

Killa Kounty by Khufu


Coming up in the trenches of a notorious community dubbed KILLA KOUNTY, BABY G and MUNDO are forced to get it how they live, as the saying goes. The two brothers are about that gunplay and they quickly make names for themselves in the streets. But will that come at a costly price?

When Baby G is shot and left for dead, things begin to spiral out of control. And when the shooter is identified, it turns out that he's much closer to Baby G than anyone expected. Will this mark the man for death? Or will the shooter regroup and come after Baby G a second and final time?

In the City Of No Pity, where the young die young, and the old and meek are preyed upon, nobody is really safe. Love is just a four letter word, and treachery runs rampant. Will Baby G and Mundo conquer the streets or will they become the latest victims to the violence they help perpetrate?

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