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King Killa 2 by Vincent "Vitto" Holloway

King Killa 2 by Vincent "Vitto" Holloway


For the past 25 years Shinah has been hell bent on revenge against SL and Charlene for the death of her father. Even before her father's demise, stunningly, Shinah's world had been turned upside down due the treachery her mom was hatching. Will Shinah be strong enough to avenge the tragic loss of her beloved dad?

Even when it appears that Charlene's deceitfulness is close to bringing her down to her knees, she still has a few tricks up her sleeve. But karma is breathing down her neck. If the full truth of her lying and conniving comes out it could be the end of her charade and likely her life. Will SL continue to trust and believe in her? Or will he turn against her in the worst way?

While SL and Charlene are playing Checkers, Shinah is playing Chess, executing the Queen's Gambit to perfection. Who will end up on top in KING KILLA 2?

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