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Kingpin Dreams 3 by Paper Boi Rari

Kingpin Dreams 3 by Paper Boi Rari


Motivated by KINGPIN DREAMS, success is not an option for MALEEK, it's a must. Though born in poverty and despair, the ambitious youngin' learns to navigate the streets and the drug game like a true master of his craft. But life for Maleek is replete with disappointments, betrayals and despair waiting to drop him to his knees.

In a dog eat dog world that spares no one, Maleek is a wolf who never goes hungry; he not only preys on the weak d-boys, he feasts on the powerful and mighty in his quest to secure his lofty goals. But no man is immune to mistakes, and one misstep may turn Maleek's dream into a federal nightmare.

He rose from a nothing hooligan to become a well-respected and feared boss whose gangsta was often tested, but never defeated. When Maleek faces his most formidable opposition, will the cause and effect of a threatened downfall expose a weakness in his armor? Or will it bring out a savagery that will define him forever more?

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