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Kingz of the Game 7 by Playa Ray

Kingz of the Game 7 by Playa Ray


The SOSA GANG, the most feared crew in Philly, is back to their murderous ways, turning up the city and going on a killing spree that has the streets on high alert. But after Sosa levels up with a bigger crew, new enemies arise and the outcome is no longer in his favor.

OG KANE comes home from a long prison bid, expecting to reclaim the streets he once ruled. But the new generation of gangsters aren't willing to relinquish their power. Will the OG take back what was his? Or will the youngsters prove to be too savage to overthrow?

A lot of people will be forced to switch sides even some that Sosa love dearly. Under pressure, who will stand strong and who will fold? Will loyalty remain? Or will different agendas outweigh men's principles and cause them to turn on those they once swore loyalty to?

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