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Love in the Trenches 2 by Corey Robinson

Love in the Trenches 2 by Corey Robinson


Jarell is the son of street king Janahvi Karter, but following in his father’s footsteps had never been his dream. Jarell wanted something different out of life and he longed for the perfect woman to share it with. He believes that he has found her. The only problem is that she belongs to someone else.
Alanee had a thing for bad boys when she met M’Baku Reynolds. He spoiled her and gave her all the things she could ever want but he couldn’t give her what she needed most. When she grows tired of his scandalous ways and is ready to leave, she meets Jarell. The connection between the two of them is obvious especially to Erica, Alanee’s best friend, who does everything in her power to push them together. Might Aleena have a hidden agenda up her sleeve?
When drama comes their way, can Jarell and Alanee survive it or should they just leave things alone? Love in the Trenches has never come easy but is it truly worth fighting for? Aleena is about to find out!

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