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Loyalty is Everything 3 by Molotti

Loyalty is Everything 3 by Molotti


After regaining his freedom. CORDALE's sole focus is to sit down with LADALE and uncover the reasons for his treachery. But is Cordale ready to hear the truth? Will the hardcore facts leave him questioning whether Loyalty Is Everything or if it nothing at all?

BLAKE has his back against the wall as he now has to go to war with the Latin Kings and his former right hand man KD, who knows for sure that he backdoored him for his woman. This gangland bloodfest could lead to countless fatalities and untold heartbreak.

Meanwhile, the pressure mounts when CHITO ups the price he has on Blake and his team and brings in two of the grimiest men to get the job done. Will a snake in his circle destroy what they've built and get them all killed along the way? Will Cordale be able to save the day and prevent his empire from crumbling? Or will karma come to collect what everyone owes?

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