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Mob Ties 4 by SayNoMore

Mob Ties 4 by SayNoMore


Fresh home from a five-year prison bid, DEABLOW is on a do-or-die mission to hunt down his brother's killer. When the blood hunt leads him to JAMILA'S doorstep, he will encounter much more than he expected.

With a million dollar ticket on her head, can Jamila trust anyone not to betray her? As the heat intensifies on her entire family, Jamila makes a decision that might backfire in the worst way. Will handing over the reigns to LORENZO solve the problems that threaten to bring down Jamila's whole clan? Or will it place them in further peril?

Meanwhile, SYMONE takes full advantage of the uncertainty surrounding her siblings. Her bitterness spawns a level of ruthlessness in her that could not have been foreseen. When she commits the ultimate transgression, Jamila is set to show her that even their father's blood, which they share, is not thicker than their MOB TIES.

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