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Mob Ties 5 by Saynomore

Mob Ties 5 by Saynomore


After being banished from the LACROSS clan, SYMONE starts her own family to show New Yorkers that she can be even more dangerous and brutal than her sister, JAMILA. But this decision leads to major beefs. When Jamila is released from prison, she's intent on showing her little sister that she is the one and only Queen of New York.

With an ongoing murder investigation against her crew, Symone's back is against the wall. Meanwhile, she's being confronted by an extremely powerful figure in the crime world, who wants to hold her accountable for the many deaths that lay in her wake. Will Symone face the same fate she's so callously dealt out?

While Symone is fighting her battles, Jamila discovers that there's a snake in her own garden. Will she give the culprit a pass? Or will she punish them in a way that is irrevocable? With betrayal and broken loyalty all around her, Symone will learn the hard lessons that come with having MOB TIES.

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