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Money Game 2 by Smoove Dolla

Money Game 2 by Smoove Dolla


After surviving the worst thing that could've happened to him in the MONEY GAME, MONOPOLY is primed to bounce back from a long, hard fall. New ventures will pave the way for him to reach a high level of legitimate success, but then comes the drama.

When death touches close to his heart, Monopoly is rocked to his very core and a damper is thrown over his movement. What looked to be a prosperous future threatens to unravel in the blink of an eye. Will this cagey hustler be undone by things he can't control? Or is he savvy enough to see trouble headed his way before it claims everything he's accomplished, and maybe even his life?

In a world that's cruel and unforgiving, this prominent street veteran must avoid the fracas and stay a step ahead of the grim reaper who can appear in the form of an enemy or friend. One misstep can cause Monopoly to lose it all. With people coming for his plate, will Monopoly eat or get ate?

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