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Money Hungry Demons by Tranay

Money Hungry Demons by Tranay


The Love’s are an infamous crime family in New York City. In the underworld of hitters and jackers, they're regarded as hood royalty. GOLDEN, the second oldest son, wins the heart of the beautiful ARIES. Although his life revolves around money and murder, it doesn't sway Aries from getting involved in his felonious capers.
The family is set to hit their biggest lick yet if they can take down millionaire dope boy, RICH LOC. But that may prove to be a problem since Aries has fallen for him, hard. How could this happen right under Golden's nose? Is he really slacking that bad?
When the time comes to show and prove, will Aries stick to the script. Or, will she and Rich Loc end up in the bellies of MONEY HUNGRY DEMONS?

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