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Money In The Grave 3 by Martell 'Troublesome' Bolden

Money In The Grave 3 by Martell 'Troublesome' Bolden


With many men wishing death upon him over anything else, RICH now understands that power is measured in enemies. Following the futile hit he managed to survive, he feels the need to get revenge on everyone that has it out for his spot. Will he succeed in his bloody mission? Or will it be Rich's own blood that gets spilled?

In retaliation for his brother's murder, Rich wants the head of ROB. Also, Rich won't stop the killing until he has rocked SWINDLE to sleep. As the war in the streets ensues, Rich must protect his mother, ANGIE, from becoming a casualty.

Meanwhile, after almost being slayed, Rob now understands that money can turn friends into enemies. After proving to be hard to kill, he goes on a rampage. With the beef hotter than lava, there is little time for Rob to make amends with SHANTA, whose heart he has shattered. Can Rob evade death long enough to mend Shanta's broken heart? Will he live to make it out the game? Or will there be MONEY IN THE GRAVE right beside his casket?

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