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Money In The Grave by Martell Troublesome Bolden

Money In The Grave by Martell Troublesome Bolden


DON and his crew of paper-stacking dopeboys hustle and grind to build up their paper and clout. The streets are on fire as the clique rises on the ladder of hood fame and success. But there could be trouble lurking in the shadows.

ROB is the leader of a notorious gang of jackboys, who are laying drug dealers down and turning out their lights. When the gang learns that Don and his people are getting money hand over fist, they set their eyes on their biggest come up ever. But robbing these trigger happy d-boys won't be easy.

The two deadly crews are on a collision course that is sure to end in death and destruction. Will Rob and his ski-masked killers come up? Or will their unbridled greed take them down? Will Don hold on to his ill-gained riches? Or will he have out hustled everyone just to end up with MONEY IN THE GRAVE?

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