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Money Mafia 2 by Jibril Williams

Money Mafia 2 by Jibril Williams


After MUSA finds out that a member from his inner circle has placed him in prison, he receives a revelation of a life time. The Queen of his world is none other then the offspring of his father. These facts will distract him from his revenge on the person who's responsible for Musa being behind bars.

BRIM has claimed Money Mafia as his own since Musa is no longer in the picture. He teams up with a group of foes that expand the organization, but these new comrades of Brim's were deemed persona non grata by Musa. So, is Brim in violation? If so, will he incur Brim's wrath?

Meanwhile, ACE is facing the death penalty for a brutal murder. She learns that her sacrifice made for Musa and the whole clique may have been done in vain, and there are whispers of betrayal in her ear. But Musa is carefully and skillfully putting a plan together. Is he running out of time? Will Brim become too powerful for Musa to reclaim the throne? The answers to these questions will determine the fates of many.

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