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Money Mafia by Jibril Williams

Money Mafia by Jibril Williams


In the streets, a loyal hustler rides hard for his plug, but does the ideology apply when the plug is a woman? MUSA, the head of MONEY MAFIA has risen to the top with his most loyal goons, ACE, BRIM and SHOOTA. The trio of hittas each have committed an ultimate sacrifice, helping Musa attain the power he possesses in the game. Now their bond is about to get tested.

Money Mafia is about their business, and the one thing the crew doesn't tolerate is a threat to their success. So, when something threatens to bring them down, Musa must appoint someone to stand in his place until the threat is taken care of. But when Musa chooses Ace, the only female of the crew to take charge in his absence, tensions rises and it could lead to an inbred war.

Brim and Shoota question Ace's ability to take on the role that they believe is better fitted for a man. But Musa refuses to relieve Ace of her leadership role. Will Brim and Shoota become their sister's keeper or will they allow envy and egos to fester until it destroys everything the crew has built?

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