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Murda Was The Case by Elijah R. Freeman

Murda Was The Case by Elijah R. Freeman


When two cousins, FLIP and J-BO, known drug dealers and prominent members of the notorious gang, Young Boss, retaliates for the loss of a quarter million dollars, an innocent young woman witnesses the murder of a young teen and his pregnant girlfriend. Now the witness' life is in danger.

In jail, and with his trial fast-approaching, J-Bo calls upon Young Boss’ lead man, KEN, to get close to NAE, the witness’ sister, and eliminate the situation by any means necessary. But as Ken embarks on the felonious mission, he finds himself falling in love. Will a gangsta's heart prevent him from carrying out his duty?

Meanwhile, as Ken is on the hunt and battling with his torn loyalty, he's being hunted himself. MURDA WAS THE CASE that J-Bo and Flip caught, but they refuse to let justice run its course. The clock is winding down for everyone involved and what spells success for one man, means death for the other

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