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Pillow Princess by S. Hawkins

Pillow Princess by S. Hawkins


JESSICA and PARLAY are a power couple whose relationship seems ideal from the outside, but everything isn't as perfect as it appears to be. Parlay has secrets, with infidelity being the least of them. But there's something Jessica hasn't revealed either. Outside of their home, she's a PILLOW PRINCESS.

They say that same sex love hits differently and that it can break the strongest of vows. Will Jessica's affinity for a woman's touch burn so hot that it comes between her and Parlay? How will Parlay handle his wife being with another woman? Will he snap? Or will he end up with the both of them?

Emotions are high. The sex is hot, steamy and addictive. As feelings grow, trust dissipates and things get sticky, and not just for Jessica and Parlay. However, the same thing that divides them just might mend their broken marriage. Unless Jessica has truly fallen in love with another woman.

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