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Protege of a Legend 2 by Corey Robinson

Protege of a Legend 2 by Corey Robinson


Being involved with a young street king is not all KRYSTAL thought it would be. MARCUS’ lies and cheating has caught up with him, and with a bargaining tool in her hand, Krystal manages to get just what she wants, a spot in the street crew. But whose spot will she take and at what cost?

When revenge comes into play, Krystal’s loyalty is challenged. Is she willing to make the supreme sacrifice for the one person who gave her everything? Will being the handpicked PROTEGE OF A LEGEND be a blessing or a curse? Will Krystal stand up like the boss bytch she has been groomed to be? Or will she turn and walk the other way when the man she has given her all to shows flaws in his character?

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