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Protege of a Legend 2 by Corey Robinson

Protege of a Legend 2 by Corey Robinson


KRYSTAL pays the price for MARCUS' sin, believing that he will ride the prison bid out with her. But she will be sadly mistaken when Marcus leaves her for dead in the belly of the beast and moves on with his life? However, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Meanwhile, Marcus tries to outrun his enemies and that bytch called karma. But when Krystal, THE PROTEGE OF A LEGEND, regains her freedom there could be hell to pay. Is Marcus ready for that smoke? Can Krystal really get payback on the man who taught her all she knows?

With the odds against her, Krystal decides that when the streets have forgotten you there is only one thing left to do… remind them of who you are!

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