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Queen of the Zoo 2 by Black Migo

Queen of the Zoo 2 by Black Migo


After searching for PRECIOUS to no avail, QUEENIE got the unexpected call that sent her over the edge and to a very dark place. She thought taking her own life would extinguish her pain, only to wake up to face the reality. With a new found sense of hope of reconnecting with her sister, Queenie must overcome new obstacles that will only test her will. But as the plot thickens, so does the smoke.

When Queenie's haunted past threatens to chase her down, will the QUEEN OF THE ZOO stand up against her demons or succumb to evil? With the weight of the world on her back, Queenie gets tested in the most trying of ways. Only the strong can survive what she must endure and the outcome seems to teeter on the edge with every new revelation.

Meanwhile, will Queenie ever find her little sister or will she die in the process of trying? If she wants a fighting chance at winning her battles and turning heartbreak into joy, she’ll have to toughen up even more than she has already, and she must become unapologetically a good girl untamed.

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