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Relentless Goon by Prince A. Tauhid

Relentless Goon by Prince A. Tauhid


From federal prison, Melvin Anderson aka Parlay returns home from the feds eager to rise again. He a stripper, Yola Sweets, who can plug him in with some movers and shakers who own the strip club where she works, but at what price?
When a heated and bitter power struggle ensues between LONG MONEY MITCH and RAY RAY, the partners of the famous gentlemen's club, which was purchased with illicit money, Yola and Parlay must choose a side and hope that their choice doesn't lead to their deaths .
Love Is Lost . . . Betrayal Is Heavy . . . Blood Is Shed . . . Disloyalty Is Rampant! Battle for supremacy is fought on different fronts. The most RELENTLESS GOON will be the one to survive it all. But who will that be?

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