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Restraining Order Part 2 by Ca$h

Restraining Order Part 2 by Ca$h


When CHOPPA’s jealousy boils over, JULZ finds herself in the middle of the cold, dark woods, staring down at a grave he has dug for her. With a loaded gun in his hand, he threatens to kill her, himself or them both.

If Julz is able to escape this frightening nightmare, will she realize that continuing to love her psychotic boyfriend might cost her, her life?

It’s been said that love conquers all but the deep rooted problems that haunted Choppa made it much too dangerous for Julz to hold on to that hope. In the past, her heart beat strongly for him and her body craved his touch entirely too much that a RESTRAINING ORDER hadn’t been able to keep them apart.

So, what will happen? Will they finally find the happiness they seek with each other? Or will their story turn out to be A TRAGIC LOVE?

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